CNTM is hiring an independent expert from Moldova, for the development of the EaP Youth Index

In partnership with the National Youth Council of Ukraine (NYCU), and National Council of Youth organizations of Georgia, with the financial support of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, CNTM aims to develop Youth Index for the three countries of the EaP. Based on this, CNTM requires the expertise services from one national expert, to develop the methodology for Youth Index implementation, and to offer consultancy and coaching to the experts from Ukraine and Georgia.

Youth Index for EaP will provide a picture of the situation on youth and the problems that they have in the EaP region.

The aim behind the effort to construct a Youth Index for EaP is to fill in this gap, to make policy makers more accountable towards youth perspectives so youth issues will be the job of every line ministry within the Government. At the same time, the Youth Index will also provide Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) representing youth interest, with an effective advocacy tool and their arguments will be based in sound arguments and hopefully more convincing.

The main need for the Youth Index is the idea that public policy should be better targeted at youth because youth situation is different from adult situation. By different we mean usually worse of as compared to adults. The index is needed to capture this difference, show and measure the youth disadvantage. At the same time, Youth Index will give us an understanding of what is the statistical situation of the youth in different countries of EaP.

*EaP abbreviation will mean only three EaP countries which signed the Association Agreement: Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova.

Expected results of the national expert are:

  1. to develop the Youth Index methodology, which will include the areas of monitoring with specific thematic indicators, statistics coefficients, mechanisms of measurement, evaluation grid and formula for calculating the margin of error on each segment that will be used by the national experts from Ukraine and Georgia in the process of the Youth Index development;
  2. to organize coaching sessions with the two national experts on the implementation mechanism of the methodology, collecting pertinent data, applying statistical coefficients and evaluation grid. Moreover, the national expert will discuss and analyze the possible sources of data, which indicators and data would be hard or impossible to collect because of the national data collection system or national methodologies applied in each country;
  3. to present the Youth Index in the Republic of Moldova;
  4. to elaborate the Youth Index Final Report, which will provide to CSO from EaP a long term evidence- based advocacy tool and will show the urgent areas that needs policy intervention.

Required qualification criteria for the national expert are the following:

  • university degree in public Policy, Social Sciences, monitoring and evaluation, or another relevant domains;
  • minimum 3 years of monitoring and evaluation activities, preferable in the field of youth;
  • experience in developing international or/and national instruments on data collecting and evidence;
  • familiarized with international and European youth policies and mechanisms of data gathering, statistic evidence and Indexes;
  • excellent analytical capacities, and ability to synthesize data and to integrate innovative approaches;
  • ability to facilitate and moderate meetings and to consult different types of stakeholders in the field of youth;
  • excellent command of English, both in speaking and written.

Method of application

The candidate is expected to prepare his/her application in line with qualifications/ knowledge/ experience related to the applicants profile and tasks stipulated above, with a brief suggested methodology which must reflect their vision and approach in order to achieve all deliverables. Interested persons will send all required documents that are: (i) suggested methodology, (ii) resume; and/or another relevant documents to email with the topic “National Expert for the development of the Youth Index“, until 18th of September 2015.

The Terms of reference can be found here.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact:

Angelica Petrov, 

Project assistant, National Youth Council of Moldova,,

(+373) 22 235 175/(+373) 78 3111 00.

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