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Cross-sectorial evaluation of Youth Policy: Applying the Youth Mainstream Index to the National Strategic Program on Demographic Security of the Republic of Moldova (2011-2025)

The following report is made by the National Youth Council to achieve the organisation’s strategic objectives for the years 2014-2018. This report aims to analyze and evaluate a public policy document relevant to the youth field in order to identify its degree of integration of youth priorities and needs, including how to address disparities in areas affecting primarily young people, how to develop sectoral policy documents that meet requirements of the law, and how to successfully situate this public policy alongside national priorities.

The following report aims to assess the mechanisms used by the central authorities to address in public policy documents the rights, interests, and concerns of young people; and ways of involving young people in the public policy process. The assessment is conducted with methodology developed by an independent expert, and uses statistical and empirical data collected from official sources, the regulatory acts of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and other ministries, and sectoral policy documents.  

Because youth policy is a cross-sectoral field, to achieve objectives with maximum impact there is a need for cooperation with central government and public administration, as well as a universal tool for monitoring and evaluating the integration of youth priorities in cross-sectoral public policy.

The report aims to improve the content of public policies, strengthen the link between policy planning and the budget process, and refine the monitoring and evaluation of public policies.